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Default Re: White House downplays Bush remark on Iraq troop pullout

September 13, 2007

Presidential Speech addressing Iraq War Troop Withdrawal:


Bush said 5,700 U.S. forces would be home by Christmas and that four brigades at least 21,500 troops would return by July, along with an undetermined number of support forces. Now at its highest level of the war, the U.S. troop strength stands at 168,000.


27,200 troops to return by July, 2009.

Seems to me this President will be handing the Iraq war over to our next President.

Let's remember this:

There were more than 27,200 troops involved in the surge.

Obviously, this troop reduction is a decrease in the surge.

It in no way, shape or form implies that there is any intention in ending the war in Iraq anytime in the near future.
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