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Default Re: White House downplays Bush remark on Iraq troop pullout

Bush proposed a troop reduction of 25,000 or possibly less by July of 2008 which would leave us under the pre-surge level.

Giveth and taketh away!

Bush approved the redeployment of five Army combat brigades and three Marine contingents between now and July 2008, but that does not account for thousands of support forces including military police and an Army combat aviation brigade that were sent as "enablers" and that apparently will stay longer.

So, how many more troops will be deployed in January of 2008?

Bait and switch!

There currently are about 169,000 U.S. troops in Iraq the highest total of the war. When Bush announced a buildup last January as the centerpiece of a new war strategy, there were 130,000 to 135,000 in Iraq.

Do the math! 39,000 were deployed for the surge and Bush said about 25,000 will be coming home by July, 2008.

If 25,000 come home. That leaves 144,000 troops in Iraq, still above pre-surge levels.

If more troops are deployed in July, 2008 as Bush as proposed, we could be back to 169,000 which was the level after the surge and possibly surpass that level since we don't know how many more troops he plans on deploying in July, 2008.

Gates proposes a reduction to 100,000 BY THE END OF THE YEAR IN 2008.

We have just been told that the war will continue until and after December, 2008, apparently, because Gates has stated leaving 100,000 troops in Iraq at the end of the year in 2008.

I assume by this statement they are predicting a failed US attempt of bringing their so-called democracy to Iraq by the end of the year in 2008.

More bloodshed to come!
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