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Default Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.

As far as I can tell there are 2 thrusts to the argument.

1. We're all going to die.

2. Hey, it's a balmy 30c in New York in the middle of winter...i'm not complaining!

I'm sure you'll agree theres something up with the weather.

Undoubtedly the mainstream scientists argument is flawed in that it's impossible to get accurate long term data to compare and contrast and therefore to produce accurate computer modelling.

There are many NWO manipulaters keen to pounce on the fear of Global Warming and use it to advantage.
Generally it could be argued that the science is simplistic. But the Global Warming detractors are just as simplistic if not more so..."oh it's just sun spot activity"..."we're coming out of the last ice age"...
As a simple man...i simply ask this...

Can we honestly say that dumping day in, day out, billions of tons of Co2 and other noxious gases into the atmosphere is NOT going to have an effect?

What about the simple heat effect of burning fuels of various kinds?

A simple experiment...seal your garage...turn on the ignition...actually dont do that.
I dont really know the answer..."HARRP experiments"?

Thats the one really knows.

Just dont build your house on the banks of one of those man made harbours.

Your boat may end up in your living room in good time.

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