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RedRat said:

"There is indicative evidence that your a dis-informationist, and there is PLENTY of EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY to refute your assumptions about the twin towers demolition."

My assumptions about the Twin Towers has always been that they crumbled due to a controlled demolition.

Please read what I write before you make unfounded accusations.

So, you're saying there are eyewitnesses who can refute my assumption that the twin towers collapsed due to a controlled demolition and explosion?

You don't believe this to be the case?

What do you think happened?

The planes brought the towers down?

There is no evidence that I am a disinformation agent.

For you to make such a statement only shows your ignorance.

You inject yourself into this very important topic merely to call me a name.

As if the people who know me and read what I write and who aren't disinformation agents, like, perhaps, yourself, would even contemplate that I am.

Let me recap, RedRat.

I challenged the "evidence" theory as to 911 being an inside job and holding water as far as a court case might be concerned.

There was plenty of evidence that JFK was assassinated by the "secret government," and 45 years later, they're still in power.

I'm not the one who works in a law firm. Those who do can enlighten as to whether or not it has moved from theory to "having a case."

I was being skeptical, RedRat.

Not because I wouldn't want this to be the outcome, of course, but because I wondered if all of the "eyewitness" accounts and other testimony were compelling enough to bring this matter to justice, perhaps.


Yes, I mean hearsay.

I understand that you have debunked my false premise and unsubstantiated assertion and that this most serious matter of National Security has moved from beyond theory into the realm of testimony and can now be referred to as "having a case."

If this is the current status, I would not be in any courthouse, nor has it ever been my desire to hold the government harmless, attempting to discredit any credible witness who could supply evidence and compelling testimony as to 911 being an inside job.

To the contrary.
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