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RedRat said:

Oh, you were being 'skeptical' were you? and you think that there will never be a CRIMINAL INDICTMENT of the real perpetrators behind 911.

That's what I said. I was being skeptical. Do you consider that a crime? To the contrary, unless it moves to "this is a case," there will never be an indictment of the perpetrators.

Well, what I think is irrelevant and NON-SENSE CONSPIRATORIAL JIBBERISH. But, I will write what I think went down for all to ponder.

Well basically the ZIONIST have had a magor problem corralling the Mid-East, namely in the form of Islam, (whether Radical, or Moderate.) therefore, the conspiracy to "corral" the M.East begins way back many thousands of years, one must begin to understand Islam in order to fully appreciate the Grand Conspiracy before them, I for one do not fully understand that Religion, therefore I make no assumptions about it, but, what I do know is that the JEWISH ZION/SATANIST of the world have for many millennia put a 'plan' forward in order to enslave the world under there authority, and there authority alone.

In order to grasp the nature of the beast, (ZION/Masonic/Tendencies) one must be immersed in Biblical literature, there we see the REAL TIMELINE of human history, as recorded by men of GODS choosing, You may say well, what does that have to do with the WTC being blown to bits?

It has everthing to do with a DISTORTION of the timeline laid out by the creator of this universe, you see it has been completely hijacked by a ENEMY OF GOD CALLED SATAN, this very manipulative angelic being decided to "challenge" the creator GOD word for word, thus, with it's actions it and it's followers of like minded beings decided to overthrow the perfect Kingdom of GOD.

And it is there with that action by Lucifer, that human beings have been kept in perpetual servitude with the EVIL ONE LUCIFER. And thus as we move along the timeline of humanity (remembering it has been hijacked,) we find ourselves at the mercy of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, or, to be perfectly blunt, JEWISH PYSCHOPATHS running the world into the pits of hell.

Now as we study the many organizations under there control, we come to see that the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) plays a HUGE part in there quest for global domination, one cannot deny the ABSOLUTE POWER being weilded by a small handful (perhaps fewer than 10,000) of these SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN pawns.


WEll, don't you see? it is part of the bigger, as yet unfulfilled agenda of LUCIFER, and that is to push the world into a GLOBAL ORDER under there umbrella, many, many, as yet atrocities await humanity for the DEVIL knows his time is short.


So, as far as you're concerned all of this is LUCIFER's plan.

Is he a living, breathing entity in your mind?

Do you and this LUCIFER communicate?

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