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Maybe these aircraft were in the stages of development at the time I recall the PLOT being devised.

The Sears tower was mentioned.

It was also mentioned that they would hit skyscrapers.

I don't recall the "Twin Towers" being mentioned, but the word "skyscrapers" was used.

They would hit their target with accuracy and precision being remote controlled from the ground and computerized in the cockpit a possibility, too.

I have talked about the use of drones.

Aircraft disguised as passenger jets.

I have mentioned over and over again that there could be no risk of survivors.

The no risk of survivors applies to those who were on the four aircraft that were hijacked elsewhere.


They simply could not survive.

Afterall, it was reported they had been hijacked and the planes they were on slammed into the Towers, the Pentagon and shot down in Shanksville.

For all intents and purposes, simulated hijackings had to occur on the flights.

Cell phone calls were allowed to be made.

This is their evidence that these planes had been hijacked by terrorists and flown through the buildings and that the United States Military, all aspects of intelligence, FAA, NORAD, Executive Branch were not involved and that military aircraft was not used to slam into the Towers and the Pentagon and a "dummy" shot down in Shanksville.

As far as Flight 93, I'm having difficulty with this because they have muddied the waters.

Debris from this aircraft was found far enough away from the crash site to suggest the plane had been shot-down in mid-air.

It could have been a dummy.

You have the "black box" which has the voices of passengers attempting to take over the plane.

If these voices can be identified by relatives of loved ones on the plane then don't we have to assume that this actually occurred and it wasn't pre-recorded?

If it did and Flight 93 landed in Cleveland, was the black box then taken to the site?

When was it reported that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland?

When was it reported that Flight 93 crashed?

Does this allow for time?

It could have been that Flight 93 sat in Cleveland, while we were being told that an interceptor was tracking it over the skies of Pennsylvania.

This allowed time for Flight 93 to land in Cleveland and to stage the site.

A "dummy" was shot down and the black box planted there.

The simulated hijacking occurred.

The passengers landed at Cleveland.

They were whisked away?
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