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Default Has Hal Gone off the DEEP END?

Hal Turner has a poll that advocates "bashing SENATORS HEADS with baseball bats" if they allow amnesty for the millions of illegals, he then got a websites hitting on his website.

Maybe CONGRESS better wake the F UP!

They Heard About My POLL (below) in the Senate
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I hope they understand very clearly that attaching an Amensty for Illegal Aiens in the form of the "DREAM Act" to the Defense Authorization Bill won't work out very well for any TRAITOR Senator who votes for it.
The People of this country will NOT permit a sellout of our nation to Illegal Aliens. If the illegal aliens don't have to obey our laws, then WE THE PEOPLE don't have to obey them, and some of us might be looking to break the laws regarding gunning down a few Senators!

Those Senators who have been told by their party and by big lobbyists that they'll get big campaign dollars for allowing this AMNESTY would do well to start wondering if they'll still be alive to spend those dollars if they ignore the Will of The People by selling us out!

We The People have addressed this issue three separate times in the last year and each time we overwhelmingly told the government "NO AMNESTY." We addressed it when the Kennedy-McCain Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill was first introduced and our opposition was so overwhelming, the Bill was pulled from Consideration. We addressed that same Bill again when Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid "resurrected" the same Bill a few weeks later and again, we overwhelmingly told the government "NO AMNESTY." The Third time we addressed the issue was just prior to the vote for Cloture on that same Bill and when that vote came, we not only put forth millions of phone calls, letters, faxes, e-mails. . . . we released Senator home addresses to make them understand "No means No." Senators starting getting calls and visits at home from angry Citizens and they knew the American People meant business on this issue.

Here we are, a few short months later and the sons of bitches in the Senate are looking to sneak the DREAM Act into the Defense Authorization Bill as an Amendment. It is quite clear that some in the Senate will not take THE PEOPLE seriously until one of us steps up and cracks their skull open with a baseball bat! We are quite willing to oblige.

There is to be NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens in the United States. Period. Any member of the US Government that defies THE PEOPLE on this issue will be confronted and removed from office in a manner and at a time we deem appropriate. (Notice there's no mention of an election in there?)

We've fucking HAD IT with our government defying us and now, there is a severe price to be paid for defiance. We''re not fucking around with the folks in the Senate and we're not afraid of the US Capitol Police, The US Marshals Service, The FBI or anyone else. Senators are instructed to do what WE THE PEOPLE instruct or we can come for you.

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