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Default Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech

Thanks for the video.


All I can say is this.

When I saw the clip on CCN, it didn't show students around the man being tasered.

The picture was darker.

My eyes must have deceived me, because I thought I saw a man in a black ski mask.

As the student is yelling, what did I do, what did KERRY DO????


Kerry stood at the podium while this student was being tasered for asking a question.

Talk about free speech!!

Tasered for asking a question.

Apparently, Kerry has something to hide.

He would rather a student be arrested and tasered than answer the question.

Kerry, Skull and Bones member, presidential candidate, United State's Senator, stood idly by babbling and allowed this to take place.

He condones this type of "police state."

He condones suppression of freedom of speech.

He condones violence in order to protect his membership in Skull and Bones.
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