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Default Re: Has Hal Gone off the DEEP END?

I don't condone violence nor do I support amnesty for millions of illegal aliens; however what do you think will happen when the NAU is in place?

These people will no longer be illegal aliens. The reason the push for their legal status. They will be a part of the the three unions.

They won't even have to seek "legal" immigration status, will they?

Plenty more Americans will lose jobs because there will be plenty more who will now be "legal" due to the merger.

Americans have been losing jobs to illegal immigrants, due to outsourcing, due to sweat shops in other countries, due to businesses/corporations locating their facilities in other parts of the world for decades.

Certainly, something else might prove successful other than bashing people over the heads with bats.

I don't really think that is the way to knock sense into anybody.
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