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Default Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech

Excerpt from Jimbo's post:

"They actually encourage the cops to violate our rights, hoping that the majority of us does not have the time, money, & resources to waste in their system. Just “pay up” & “shut up”. So they get away w/ it. Each & every day. It’s called “organized crime”."

They also wage a campaign against juveniles to get them caught up in the system at a very young age.

It's like a spider's web.

Once in it, it's very difficult to get out.

Same for those who are less fortunate and the African American population.

You are right, Jimbo.

If the student had just walked away with the campus police, perhaps he would not have been tasered and/or arrested.

But, in any event, FREEDOM OF SPEECH was suppressed.
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