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Default Re: Finally a movie about the truth.

The Zeitgeist Movie is Illuminati Propaganda.

It presents an Illuministic 'Antithesis' World View to program the resistance forces among the populaces of nations.

They know that there will always be a certain segment of the population who is almost totally immune to social programming. Zeitgeist Movie and propaganda films like it (i.e., The Matrix) are specifically targeted toward the 'hard to program', counter-cultural, resistant individuals of nations in order to deceive them, condition them, and control them--bring them into the Illuminati World View by engaging in Weltanschauungkrieg.

Then there are other forces in society made up of individuals like myself who actually are impossible to deceive.

We are the ones they fear.

We are the ones who have the power to destroy the Illuminati.

We are the ones who are destroying the Illuminati.

We are the ones who will destroy the Illuminati.

It is us whom they fear.

It is us whom they target.

It is they who are targeted and known by us.

It is us by whom they will be destroyed.

We live outside of them.

We live outside of their Matrix.

They control societies in the Matrix.

But we control the Matrix.
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