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Default Re: Has Hal Gone off the DEEP END?

Yes, this is what they are doing.

That is why the people's voice, vote, and leadership must carry out legal and constitutional justice against the occupation of the enemies of state and terrorist thugs currently holding Washington, DC hostage. The Serveral States of America shall impose legal and constitutional sanctions along with the millitary forces of the United States to put down the government insurgency of the Bush Administration in Washington DC.

When will this happen?

I know you don't like war and violence. I can appreciate that. I don't like war either. But you have to understand that these treasonous politicians in Washington hate FREEDOM. They don't care anything about FREEDOM. They're just thugs and bullies. Overthrowing the current tyrannical regime, brutal dictatorship, and coup d'etat in Washington DC will ensure a safer and more secure FREE & LIBERATED AMERICA for our citizens and children. We must let the terrorists in Washington know that we will not live in fear.

For some reason you think I don't understand that the "criminals" in the White House and those who comprise the "secret government," which by the way is exactly as JIMBO described; secret meetings, secret policies, secret laws, desire a FREE society. How are you going to go about overthrowing the government in Washington?

The people responsible for knocking down those buildings in New York on Sept. 11, are going to hear from all of us soon.

Who is all of us and how are they going to hear from you?
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