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Default Re: NASA Researchers Prelims Suggest LIFE ON MARS?


I tend to believe that there are actually two disputing evil factions (call them NWO or whatever) on the global scene, both have one leader Satan. In the scriptures God tells us that the followers of Satan can never be united, they are divided into two extremes (the two sides of the same coin, Satanism), and their division is what God willing will bring their defeat.

One extreme is conservative (fundamentalist) which has a more direct, destructive ego, eager to force its dogma on everybody, they hide behind many banners, e.g: patriotism, religion, racism, exclusive societies...etc. The other extreme is the liberal, secular extreme with a more vague agenda, advocating the "equality" of everyone and everything in an open society, so that their evil can pass unchecked in this "tolerance" delusion, they also advocate multiculturism (without limits) and ofcourse a one world government to abolish any kind of barriers (political, moral, social..etc).

Same is manifested in the UFO phenomena, one group advocates total disclosure (the liberals) in the name of tolerance of other entities. The conservatives on the other hand still adhere to secrecy and closed society ideology.

Other than the human being with intelligence in the universe, there are only two entities, God, the superhuman intelligence, and the Jinn-beings (decsendants of Satan, made of smokless fire), the Jinn beings are invisible and they have powers to roam within limits in our universe, they keep whispering to us, feeding us with the evil idea of Satan that things and people have inherent powers to harm or benefit us independent of God, thus we fall in the trap of idolizing the creatures intead of their Creator.

On another thread i wrote about the similarity that many have noted between these Jinn entities (mostly demons) and the UFO creatures in morals and ideology.

God knows best though.

[59:14] They do not get together to fight you unless they are in well-shielded buildings, or behind walls. Their might appears formidable among themselves. You would think that they are united, when in fact their hearts are divided. This is because they are people who do not understand.

As for Jesus, God informed us in the final testament, Quran that He raised him to Him. Jesus is not coming back, the Quran confirms that the verses telling us that Jesus is coming in the clouds are actually a distortion of an original verse that says that God and the angels are coming on the Judgment day to judge and not Jesus.

[2:210] Are they waiting until GOD Himself comes to them in dense clouds, together with the angels? When this happens, the whole matter will be terminated, and to GOD everything will be returned.

Jesus has no power whatsoever, all the miracles he did was from God, those who are waiting for a mere mortal tro save them unfortunately are decieving themselves as nobody can redeem us except our deeds and our hearts' orientation. Your test can not be answered except by you.

[5:75] The Messiah, son of Mary, is no more than a messenger like the messengers before him, and his mother was a saint. Both of them used to eat the food. Note how we explain the revelations for them, and note how they still deviate!

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