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Default Re: So when do we tell the children?

thanx for the support!

I never thought about a recording contract and Emminem would be my choice.

To clear a misunderstanding. My children have been brought up to see the two-faced's. They do not belong to that club.

We are who we are. I am proud of myself. I have worked very hard to become this person that I want to be. God created me. The devil has no claim on my soul. Shame the devil and tell the truth is our way of life. You can't do that when you, yourself have two faces.

Whether I'm with the barristers and magistrates of England or my friends from the hood, I am me; I don't alter.

I have everything I need. I wish to buy books, build schools, and dig wells... everywhere.

I want to people to remember Hope.

I want people to believe Grace.

I want people to trust Mercy.

Peace. It's God's promise to us and our destiny. You can believe what you want. I believe the truth. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Is the rapture coming? Who knows when? God ain't gonna catch we with my pants down on the crapper cryin' "Woes me!"

God helps those who help themselves. I am living proof.

Mary XXX
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