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Default Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech

The student was arrested for INCITING A RIOT.

The only people rioting were the campus thugs. Rioting all over the student.

John Kerry, one of our Congressmen, a Skull and Bones member of a secret society, an elitist, stood on the stage and watched as these NWO thugs tasered the student.

John Kerry, a member of Congress who is elected to honor the Constitution and protect our freedoms such as free speech, had an opportunity to speak loudly into the microphone he was holding and tell the NWO thugs to get their hands off of the student.

John Kerry allowed Freedom of Speech to be stifled in order to protect himself from answering the question about his membership and Bush's membership in Skull and Bones.

What did John Kerry do?

John Kerry continued to speak quietly into the microphone answering in part some of the student's questions about the 2004 election while he was being manhandled by the NWO thugs.

As if anyone was paying attention to what John Kerry was saying.

The NWO thugs placed their hands on the student as soon as he finished asking his question about Skull and Bones.

Is this what they're trained to recognize?

Our immoral politicians walk this world freely, further incarcerating us in Prison World.

To protect, honor and defend the Constitution.

I do solemnly swear.

In Peace,
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