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Default Re: THE IRAN WAR

Did anyone really think that war was 'immanent' against Iraq when George Bush took office? No. It was not even a thought in minds of most Americans.

The Iraq war was manufactured through a magic show on the grand scale. Therefore, We the American People should TRUST that our own government WILL manufacture wars for economic ends.

All that the American people should TRUST is that the politicians bought and paid for by the wealthy business men in the private sector WILL STRIKE any nation deemed economically profitable. This is the only LOGICAL CONCLUSION the American people can come to.

I TRUST a snake to act like a snake. I TRUST a LION to act like a lion. I TRUST a wolf to act like a worlf. I TRUST a politician to act like a politician. I trust the Federal Reserve Bank to prink counterfit notes under the guise of dollar bills.

Iran is within its rights to not only maintain a military force, but to hold and use nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

There are no rules. There are no peace treaties. There are no conventions. ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR! Iran has as much 'RIGHT' to hold nuclear weapons as any other nation. For the truth of the matter is that it is yet unclear that ANY NATION has the 'RIGHT' to hold nuclear weapons -- or any other weapons for that matter.

If there ever were a manufactured attack against IRAN, IRAN would be within its 'RIGHT' to annihilate the west. If IRAN is attacked by the United States, there will be a World War. You can TRUST in that.
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