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Default Re: Finally a movie about the truth.

If the movie is propaganda to destroy Christianity; to say that God's son, Jesus, never existed, I would say that people need to keep an open mind.

The bible is a little bit of truth weaved around a whole lot of fiction.

Perhaps, the fiction is what is depicted in the movie and their end-result an attempt to introduce the SUN as GOD in order to destroy Christianity and belief in a higher being.

To do away with the concept of God's son, Jesus, but keep Lucifer alive and well.

The movie certainly doesn't make me want to throw away my faith and disavow a GOD.

They use everyone and everything to their benefit.

Religion, Jesus and God are not exempt.

If Lucifer was not introduced in the bible, do you think people would flock to church every Sunday and give them tax-free dollars?

Do you think people would fear GOD??

God is not to be feared!

The Illuminati are to be feared!
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