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Default Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech

I have seen an internet video in the past where both Bush & Kerry were questioned about the "Skull & Bones" society, & they both "just laughed about it" & pretty much (both of them) gave the same answer, "it is so secret I can't talk about it". Also I have seen / heard (from these videos) that they are "cousins" & related to the "Queen of England".

Yahoo Search: Bush Kerry Cousins Queen st=0&vf=all&vm=p&fl=0&p=bush+kerry+cousins+queen

The following link shows "cousins" relationships by "family tree" & shows Bush & Kerry being "cousins" & related to the Queen.

Cousin Relationships Calculated by the Family Forest

Obviously both recent presidential elections were "fraudulently manipulated" right on our face, by many means, in many states, & for the purpose of forcefully "electing" the already "secretly selected" president. Kerry belongs to the same group, so he is just going to go along w/ it & play it along. That's one of the things they are "paid" to do. Being secret members of one of the most influential fraternities known, they are obviously going to participate along w/ their secret orders, making no waves.

In this MSNBC video, there is some university official talking to the press & he goes on & says, "The black guy said civil discourse didn't occur. I have admitted that. I am embarrassed by it. And I don't want it to happen again." Obviously they are "shifting the blame away" from "why" they attacked the student, & now "turning the focus" into just the "resisting arrest" issue. So, "trivializing" the whole "freedom of speech" issue, & the very relevant questions made by the student to Kerry about very important issues, as they relate to our country's "freedom", specifically asking about "election fraud", & membership in a "secret society", which is not how a supposedly "open" government should operate, thus validating our doubts.

University of Florida Journalism Student Incident - MSNBC Video

The one thing we can conclude by witnessing the "unspoken" word here, by seeing what happened & hearing what was not said, & that is that, in our country, right now,
- Freedom of speech is dead (the US Constitution is "irrelevant" to our current form of government)
- Talking about real issues & specially about truth - is not "tolerated" (as in a "totalitarian state")
- Police abuse & brutality is the norm (they want you to know who is in charge of who - not for the "people" but for the "state")
- There is no "real" freedom in America
- We could say that the U.S. is right now under a "benevolent dictatorship" - because it could be a hell of a lot worse.
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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