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redrat11 wrote:
As I recall, someone told me that if Shillary is elected President,(very likeley, as the PTB need more Homosexualization/Feminization in society) they would move out of the country, as there would be no point in living here anymore.

She will be 'handed' the Presidency, just like the idiot Bush, Ron Paul should start laying out the absolute consequences of Republicans/Dems/Libertarians/Independents voting for individual candidates such as Hillary or Obama, or any of the other shills, slowly though as not to make his campaign seem "hostile" to the idiots who vote Repubs/Dems time and time again.

The electronic machines are not in every state, so there is still a good chance R. Paul can become President.

I understand your thinking, redhat, and yes this does seem logical. But the hour is too late for 'reasonable' campaign strategy.

To win this election, I think the online community of volenteer Paul supporters understand there are simply too many stupid brainwashed people for them to engage in the sort of slow, methodical education of individuals concerning the real issues at stake. Therefore we have sought out/made use of the viable alternatives.

I'm sorry, but I don't have time to explain to & convince an illegal alien 19 year old female/mother named Juanita from Juarez, Mexico that bringing her 7 children into the united states (each from different fathers) and getting on welfare is a move that is going to destroy herself, her family, and the nation around her.

Nor do I have time to explain that small, little concept to the 100 million Americans who now believe that Amnesty/Globalization/NAU are good for America.

The only hope we have is to GET MORE VOTES and pray to the Almighty that the opposition constituancy is made up of the sort of fat, ignorant, irresponsible, worthless slobs we know them to be -- because they never vote to begin with.
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