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Default Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech

I don't know where George_Bush gets his information (i.e., the police were ordered to arrest on any question posed regarding Skulls and Bones), but these are my observations.

The student posed the question to Kerry:

Also, were you a member of Skull and Bones?

The THUGS are standing behind him and make no movements towards him after he has finished the question.

There is someone on the right hand side of the police with a camera who appears not to be a campus thug.

As I noted, isn't it curious that the campus police are behind the student almost as if they were expecting something?

What was the trigger?

The student finishes his question about Skull and Bones.

No movement is made by the campus police toward him until after the student turns the right side of his body as if to look behind him at the campus police and he holds the paper or book or whatever he has in his right hand in front of their faces.

At that point, the campus police place their hands on him.

What was with him screaming and yelling that they're going to kill me?

They're going to kill me, he kept repeating when they were taking him out of the building.

He knows the entire scene is being photographed. He knows there are witnesses. He knows it will be on you-tube and the media will cover it.
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