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Default Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech

Do you think with NWO thugs in control, people want to risk getting tasered, being arrested?

Mess with the police?

Don't you think maybe this is what the drill was all about?

If politicians visit college campuses, do not questions about their morality.

Yes, this student has a website that appears for all intents and purposes as if he is resistance against the NWO, but just watch the video.

Why is it that NWO thugs are standing directly behind him as if they're waiting for their que?


You have to have college NWO thugs in direct proximity of the microphone?

If the student truly wanted to demonstrate the suppresssion of Freedom of Speech, he would not have over reacted, which THEY can deem as reason for using a non-lethal weapon to subdue him.

He would have walked away with them quitely.

There wouldn't be any discussion about why he was arrested or tasered.

It would end with this:

"He was arrested for asking a question about Kerry's membership in Skull and Bones."

However, he reacted as soon as they placed their hands upon him.

It is MY ASSESSMENT that this was a drill.
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