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Default Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech

The message will be sent/delivered through the discussion of this event.

People will be condtioned in this way.

Especially on college campuses.

Our brightest and our future.

It will be thoroughly and completely analyzed to the point that people will understand he was arrested and tasered because he strayed where no man should stray.

DO NOT QUESTIONS of our politicians and/or leaders.

ACCEPT or suffer the consequences.

I should know.

I suffered immensely.

I suffer no more.

It is reverse psychology in operation.



If this student doesn't sue the college and the police for suppresssion of freedom of speech, he is not resistance to the NWO.

Whatever he thought he was accomplishing with his prying into the "secret society," is null and void.

All he accomplished was setting an example of what will happen if you dare question authority.

If he doesn't sue because he was arrested for asking a question, it is my assessment that this was a conditioning drill.
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