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Default Re: The Militarization Of America & The Posse Comitatus Act

RedRat said:

I refer to WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, yes, I still believe there is HOPE. Not in Congress, Not in the Judiciary, Not in the Executive Branch, I BELIEVE there is hope in the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and I further believe that once faced with a overwhelming event, staged or not, the American People will do what it takes to reign in the EVIL around us. Whether by Force, or other means.

The American people are powerless except through our voice while freedom of speech still exists. The American people have no force that can compete with the Military Industrial Complex?

And I will ask you again, as I've asked you before on the R. Paul thread.

What are we supposed to do, Rollover and play Dead? Please tell me BA, What is the solution/s to these pressing problems we all face? You keep "suggesting" we the people are somehow incompetent to do anything about the problems we face, of course you hav'nt said this, but, I suspect your using deceptful words to frighten people, as if the PTB are so invicible. BS!

We have FREEDOM OF SPEECH at present and that's about it. Better to face reality than live the illusion they created. I have never said the people are INCOMPETENT, RedRat. We have no power because they control the world. I am not attempting to frighten people. It's called the truth and facing reality.

You have'nt offered any solutions have you? Everything seems to be a DARK HORRIFYING FUTURE with no possibility for humanity to overcome the Evil.

You think I have solutions. That's quite a compliment. I have offered my intelligence. I have armed you. Now go out and fight with words and deeds.

My solution is GOD and Jesus Christ, I'm not ashamed to say this, and if you feel the Bible is a fairy tale, GOOD FOR YOU, continue on, and may you prosper with or without salvation.

Please do not misconstrue my words. I said the Bible is a little bit of fact mixed with alot of fiction. The Bible is seperate from God and Jesus. Please keep that in mind.

And also as I've written, R.Paul is Americas last Hope for reigning in the Evil government, ALONG WITH THE SUPPORT AND HELP OF MILLIONS OF VIGILANT CITIZENS BEHIND HIM, both in deed and in word.

Like TB said, he doesn't look well.

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