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Default Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.

truebeliever wrote:
As a simple man...i simply ask this...

Can we honestly say that dumping day in, day out, billions of tons of Co2 and other noxious gases into the atmosphere is NOT going to have an effect?

Educate yourself for your sanity is at risk.

The HEAT CONTENT of the earth is dependent on ONE factor and only one factor: the Sun. Everything else is UNIMPORTANT.

Stop the SUN from shining on the earth and hour by hour the Earth will begin to cool to near Absolute zero. Have you ever noted that the location you live at has a weather forecast that shows that day time temperatures are higher than nighttime temperatures. Stop the daily insolation and the weather will soon cool off circa 20 to 30 F degrees every 12 hours.

The problem you are having involves SIGNIFICANT figures. The effect of the sun on the earth's temperature is that of a factor of 1 and all other effects are of a factor of <0.000000001 in comparison so safely may be ignored.

Also note that the energy arriving from the sun is not just light energy. There is a constant outpouring of plasma energy ( electrons and positive ions ) interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere and atmosphere that also probably affects the global weather.
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