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According to accounts of the developments, the Jena Six case began on Aug. 31, 2006, when a black student in Jena asked permission to sit underneath what was understood to be the "white" tree at school and he did. The next day, three nooses were found hanging from the tree.


Racial violence is what we're talking about, right?

Jena is known for segregation.

An African American asks permission of the principal to sit under the "White Tree."

He had to ask PERMISSION!

It is granted.

He sits under the "White Tree."

Why has the "White Tree" been allowed to exist?

The next day, nooses are found hanging from the "White Tree."

Does this acquit any African American from beating to death a white male because nooses were hanging from the "White Tree?"

Of course not.

It merely illuminates that we haven't made any progress in curbing racial tensions.

We haven't accepted each other for our differences.

African Americans ARE CONSTANTLY reminded of their slavery and they blame the white man for it.
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