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Default Re: How different would the world be without the NWO?

I might seem like a pessimist but being al things the same a world without the nwo would be a world prior the nwo.

the bent towards evil is part of everyman so if all things where equal we either might have many little emerging nwo or a huge nwo with other players.

the desire to have a monopoly and accumulate wealth is a very common trait.

however if the nwo never existed and was not able to exist I agree we would be an agrarian society, with some industrialization I would guess something like the 18 century but without the robber barons

I am not a ludite but I have come to believe that most of our modern convenience are really irrelevant and cause much more problems than they solve.

things like the private car has contributed to the social deconstruction as maybe nothing else, I would also include television....

in fact when you think about the new technologies one cannot help but think that itís a lasso for our necks.
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