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Default Re: Recommended Site.....

Single People READ HERE....

If your a MAN, you are extremely lucky to be ALIVE. In the internet world of "FRIENDS" and "Pen-Pals" there exist plenty of AVAILABLE WOMEN, I mean no disrespect toward women, but, As I've come to learn, and this is due to the growing FEMINISTIC MOVEMENT worldwide, women in general have flat out backlashed against that crap.

Personally I have met many good women online, And for that I thank my LORD, they bring a single gentlemen such as myself very much needed insight.

The Dangers

A person must use caution when dealing with the unknown online, for instance, I now get over a dozen E-mails from different Women and websites all over the world, however, I'm not stupid, alot of these sites "intice" you with false people who don't exist, to try to get you to sign up with them. this is where Caution is mandatory.

With that said, single men should be prepared for a avalanche of "available women" keep in mind this will never replace a REAL LIVE FEMALE in the good ole USA, however, one never knows there future. (or so were told.)

NOTE: there must be a lot of "INCOMPATIBILITY" out there, as I talk to alot of Divorced women they tell me these things. GOOD LUCK OUT THERE

and stay away from my two picks above, there mine. :-)
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