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I'll tell you another German encounter I had...

When I was in college I knew this German foreign exchange student girl named....mmm....gosh...what was her name....something like....I can't remember right now...but I remember it was pretty.

And le' me tell ya, this girl didn't look like an east german swimmer, either. No, she was hot--MEGA HOT!! Blond/Blueyed/Yogafied.

I washed dishes all through college to pay my tuition, while I wasn't destroying computers in the IT department.

Well one time when I was shooting a Bosnian student in the head with a water hose in the dishroom, SHE walks in and laughs.

We all stop and stare. She asked what was so funny and what all the noise was.

Afer a few minutes she told us that she wanted to show us a new yoga position she'd been practising.

She did some freakish position where she was balancing her body on her head while her legs were completely diametric to one another in banana splits.

Well, it got steamy in the dishroom that day I can tell you.

After she did it she got up...giggled...and walked off.

Friggin' germans, man.
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