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Peace MtnMan,

"We'll have to see about that 11.9 thing though..."

Well, it's a big test, it's either you believe the clear signs or have doubts about them. Clearly no human mind can fabricate such proofs. You would better make a decision before the advent of the event, for then it would be too late.

Peace Doctor X,

"Satan offered Jesus all the nations and riches of the world. Now tell me why would satan offer something he doesn't have?"

Satan is a proven liar, he did it before with Adam and his wife, he said:

[20:120] But the devil whispered to him, saying, "O Adam, let me show you the tree of eternity and unending kingship."

[20:121] They ate from it, whereupon their bodies became visible to them, and they tried to cover themselves with the leaves of Paradise. Adam thus disobeyed his Lord, and fell.

The tree is just a symbol of the visible dimension, Adam was enjoying the perfect spiritual dimension along with his wife, untill Satan duped them to eat from the forbidden tree by using his famous lie (attributing a power in the tree independent of God) thus he said the tree (itself) would give you eternity on its own, once the link between the tree and God was cut by this lie, Adam and his wife ate from the tree (eventhough God warned them against it before) and the visible dimension of (life on earth) along with their own bodies became visible to them, now the test gets harder for them and all of us, because seeing through this visible veil is not easy, except for the righteous.

Same happened with Jesus, but Jesus was smarter, he didn't buy these lies, he knew that only God really posseses this world.

You may argue that some families and powerful people are influencing the global scene and controlling everything. Which is indeed true but only to a certain extent.

What happened is that God gave Satan the power to whisper and lead the wicked (only those who buy his lies), for example Satan would convince a rich person that he CAN actually affect the policy of his country and wage a war of his own choice for profit, now God can allow or block him from achieving this, since money on its own has no power to do anything.

Why God allow thier schemes to succeed? God leads them on to the edge of the cliff, He is gathering the wicked in a big heap to be thrown into hell, and their evil schemes are allowed within certain limits in accordance with God's overall plan, thus the righteous are protected and the wicked get their just requital.

[14:22] And the devil will say, after the judgment had been issued, "GOD has promised you the truthful promise, and I promised you, but I broke my promise. I had no power over you; I simply invited you, and you accepted my invitation. Therefore, do not blame me, and blame only yourselves. My complaining cannot help you, nor can your complaining help me. I have disbelieved in your idolizing me. The transgressors have incurred a painful retribution."

Think carefully about Satan's trick with Adam and his wife, since it is the same trick used with everyone of us in our daily lives.

A guy loses his job, Satan convinces him that the job he lost was the source of security for him and that by losing it, he is finished! next day the guy commits suicide!.
Was his job really the source of money, or is it God alone?

Another gets caught in the pornography scene, Satan lies and promises gratification from viweing these gross acts, now the guy has a choice, either to believe Satan and go for it, or remember God and abstain from it.

If he accepts Satan's invitation, he will get no satisfaction whatsoever (except a temporary illusion) why? because things in themselves cannot grant anything, they are totaly powerless, God withholds the unseen meaning (feeling of satisfaction, love..etc) from any channel other than the legal channel of marriage.

The guy will then get caught in an addiction of pornography, why addiction? because since it has no power to gratify any need of his, he will always come for more (may even upgrade to adultery, homosexuality..etc), but this more will create more vacum inside of him! and this vacum will suck more and more of the addictive substance in a desperate try to reach stability, yet it is the impossible itself!

[13:14] Imploring Him is the only legitimate supplication, while the idols they implore beside Him, cannot ever respond. Thus, they are like those who stretch their hands to the water, but nothing reaches their mouths. The supplications of the disbelievers are in vain.


What i want to say is that Satan is the master liar, he believes his own lie that this dominion is his and not God's.

God is strengthening this idea in his mind by granting him more rope, so that he may incur his just requital along with all those who follow him.

The question that is posed right now for all of us is:

Who rules? God or Satan?

The answer to this question may determine your destiny now and forever.
God\'s alternative, USN

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