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Default Re: Are poor women better mothers than the rich bitches?


I am glad we can finally see eye to eye on something. The children of your friends are very lucky to have a mom at home.

I agree with you that by the government acting like a pimp and treating its citizenz akin to whores - give me half your money, or else - mum has indeed been forced out to the work place.

Which brings me back to something I have been pondering on this week. Maybe you, Rush, can help me here.

Most sensible household:

1. Man was made physically stronger to protect his missus and kids, by God, and he is meant to protect and defend the roost.

2. Behind any good man there is always a good woman. In the most effective "happy" families I have seen, the man leads and the women binds them all together. Mom either works at home or just plain is home. Lots of love and attention and time for the kiddies.

3. Unseen forces, for a better descriptive word than NWo or whatever, have been driving mum out the door if they haven't already made here super greedy bitch, in need of all things - new and improved.

4. Unseen forces, have been attempting to castrate males. Unfair paternity suits, rediculous child supports payments often driving men to work underground or leave province and their kid(s). The playboy image is so over-sold in the media it is beyond a joke.

5. Today's society is raising a throw away generation. These children know there is no one at home who really cares about them. The parents are fixated on what they need and not the children and/or their spouses. Society will reap what they sow when this generation matures, if they ever do.

6. The media advertises to the males through sex, and to the women through fear and greed. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you how and what they are advertising to the children. My son, who is 12, often points out what he calls "sick" on the television. Innapropriate sexual content for children to be found in almost all children's t.v. shows/cartoons. My son is an outdoors child like I was. Doesn't want to be in if it is nice out and when he watches tele, he often calls me and will say, "sick", and I know what he has seen on tv. Thank God he still loves Pokemon and Power rangers. They are corny and they are clean, for the most part.


With mum out the door, selfish and greedy women to max - she must be or she'd do without and be home lookin' after her kids - and dad de-masculinated, what's going on while the parents are pre-occupied? The children fed a very sick sexual agenda in the classrooms of itsO.K. to begay and are told they should experiment with their sexuality... Welcome to Nova Scotia. Would you like to raise your children here in this school system?

Where else can I go but to the thoughts of Kinnsey - that sick twisted author of today's modern perverted society.

For the love of God, Rush, there is a pedophile ring in my school board and everyone here knows it. It leads straight to the Minister of Justice - Michael baker and involves Senator Buchanon and LOTS of other heavies. It is so wrong and there is apparently no media to speak for the children of Nova scotia. The Prime Minister ships his cocaine through this province - that is the reality of hard times in the maritime provinces.

It is truly this bad out here. It is beyond a joke when you see police doing illegal things in broad daylight in uppermiddle class neighbourhoods.

Rush, I am asking for some advice. What would you do? Honestly and seriously.

I am an accountant who loved to sculpt so I changed careers to cutting hair for cash only so I could work from home and not be prostituted by my government.

I am opening a business so I can get it running and work school hours. This business will be my retirement cheque whether I work it or sell it. Insurance pensions? Government regulated con game. No thank you. Private pensions will be worth government pensions by the time folks might be able to draw them, from my generation.

I am determined to support my children and be on call at all times as I deem is my role as mother. If a mother works for someone else, her hours are no longer her children's - her time belongs to someone/something supposedly more important???
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