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Default Re: The Militarization Of America & The Posse Comitatus Act

Jimbo said:

"In an effort to avoid possible prosecution, they're trying to cram this bill through Congress before the end of the week when Congress adjourns. The reason there's such a rush to do this, if the Democrats get control of the House in November, well, this kind of legislation probably wouldn't pass."

You're theory that there is a RUSH to push this legislation through NOW because the Democrats might have control of the HOUSE in November, 2008 doesn't hold water.

The Democrats are in control of Congress as we speak.

If you're basing your theory of Democrats controlling the House in November, 2008 if Ron Paul is elected President, this theory doesn't hold water either.

Ron Paul is not a Democrat.

If this bill is passed before the next Presidential election, we can thank all of Congress for that.

Democrats and Republicans alike.

Most of them work for the same masters.

I surmise you are suggesting that if Ron Paul were elected President, he would VETO this legislation.

They're not stupid.

The reason the legislation is being introduced now.


Do you think they'd just sit on her buttocks until the next President is sworn into office?

Doesn't matter anyway.

Like I said, whomever is sworn in works for the same masters.

What is Ron Paul's opinion on the matter?

Who in the CONGRESS has broached the subject of prosecuting Bush and his cronies for war crimes?

Whether or not this falls under Executive Privilege, I'm not sure, but Clinton pardoned everyone he ever knew before he left office.

Bush can do the same.
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