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Default Re: The Militarization Of America & The Posse Comitatus Act

Obviously not.

Ron Paul claims he wants to bring government back to the way it was (theoretically) intended to be. Where the power lies in the people, you know “by the people & for the people”, & where the government’s job is to make sure that the people’s rights are protected & not infringed upon, as well as following the Constitution. Our blueprint for fairness, equality, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness – A beautiful concept.

In recent videos on the Internet you can see where they were arresting people, mostly women, for reading the Constitution, in Washington, DC. When asked on camera, the cops wouldn’t say what the charges were, they wouldn’t even speak or say anything. Complete silence. Nobody knew what was going on. And then they have the audacity to claim at the UN, the global altar of world government for “mass” consumption, that we need to “spread Freedom” ??? What ??? – coming from the masters of falsehood & doublespeak, of lies & deception, hypocrisy & human indignation.

I don’t know what Ron Paul would do if faced w/ the decision to “pardon” war-crime criminals. He would probably stick w/ the Constitution & let that be the measuring stick by which the criminals would be judged. We probably wouldn’t go the ICC (International Criminal Court), since this institution is part of their global scheme. The Nazis got out of control (out of the control of the “secret global order”, their “global masters”) because of Hitler, & Hitler made an attempt on the “Pope” (you’d probably wonder why), w/o success. You might be aware of this I don’t know. The reason Nazi criminals were convicted, I think it was for more of a show than anything else. To make us “believe” that “justice” does exist. The real criminals were given new identities & exiled around the world. Many of them ended up in South America, & I am sure many other places around the world. Their top scientists & ideologues were absorbed by our institutions & also given new identities. That’s how they propelled the space program. What a scam. That’s why there is no Freedom. We were never Free. We were led to believe, all along, we were the “Free World”, when in fact they were just using us to colonize the world, to build the infrastructures, the rail-roads, the cities, to drop the communication lines, & to develop the industries & the technologies we have today.

Once they figured how to do all that, & to make it cheap, then they figured they can make it “even cheaper” in the “global village”. Where do you think that phrase came from. But for a “global village” to come into being, they first have to wipe out the “prosperity” we achieved. For the “global economy” to take hold they have to lower the standard of living of “prosperous” nations like the US, so that they can have their “dream”, “cheap labor” across the world. That’s why they want to let the Mexicans in, export all of our jobs out of the country, bring in “dirt cheap” H1-B visa workers from the poorest nations across the world, devalue the dollar, devalue the housing market (the next great robbery around the corner), destroy social security, destroy everyone’s pensions, & destroy everything along their path. For their “New World” to come into being, they have to destroy the “this world”, our world. For “sovereign & independent” nations to “stop being”, they have to destroy them. That’s why the war on terror has no end in sight. They want to get them all.

Wealth is not destroyed, but merely transferred (electronically across the world & into their Swiss Bank accounts), away from the pockets of those who lost it & into their “vaults”. Brilliant.

That’s why they want to wipe us out. By now, too many people know what’s going on.
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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