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Did you read any of the SECRET HISTORY OF THE WORLD provided above? If you did, you should realize that your so-called Illuminati is completely a Jewish creation, as well as the Banksters, The Zionist, And every other evil organization you think of.

The top tier of the Illuminati is comprised of Zionist Jews who control the money.

It's obvious you are afraid to write this true fact, you probably think that other races on Earth have simialar histories, I would say to you NOT A CHANCE! NO RACE ON EARTH in the entire human historical record can match the JEWS record of utter devastating EVIL on Earth, NONE! and yet people such as yourself continue to feed the masses the lie that it is not entirely JEWS that are at the top tier, THEY ARE THE TOP TIER,THE MIDDLE TIER,THE BOTTOM TIER, they are the "chosen ones" to bring about a SATANIC NWO.

Since I've written it, that would indicate that I'm not afraid to write it. I don't feed the masses anything. That would be those who own and operate the media, who are controlled by the Zionist Jews who control the money and, of course, there are Zionist Jews in this organization, as well. To believe everyone involved in the "society" is Jewish or a Zionist Jew, is to be foolish. The Illuminati are the top tier Zionist Jews who control the money.

Are the Russians behind the NWO?
Are the Chinese behind the NWO?
Are the Mexicans behind the NWO?
Are the Canadians behind the NWO?
Are the Africans behind the NWO?
Are the Koreans behind the NWO?

You need to get your NWO facts straight.

He who controls the money, controls the world.

Jews Control the Worlds Money

I just said that.

The Illuminati top tier consists of Zionist Jews who comprise the banking cartel.

Your Correct!

I know I'm correct.

You could call them "Banksters."

You could call them "Zinoists."

You could call them the "Illuminati."

It doesn't matter under which name they operate.

Their goal is still the same.

Yes, to enslave the world under there Monetary, Religous, and EVIL NWO!

Yes, we know. However, I wouldn't call satanism a religion.

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