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Default Re: How different would the world be without the NWO?

marypopinz wrote:
A world without unseen evil forces

Every child would be educated, sheltered and fed, to say the least.

Folks would have realised the importance of morality with regards to children - all children.

Rape and incest and molestation would be no more - unspeakable, unthinkable sexual crimes.

Maybe we'd all have a 4 day work week and spend lots of time with family and friends: re-socialised into our communities and families.

We'd all earn eough so we'd all have enough. Wages would be fair - unions would be strong. The governing morality of a nation would be well-known.

Babies are born good, not evil. So society has been born good and made evil. If the role models and heros are good and present, children will follow independent successful path to happiness - family and friends make a life full. No more old fogies homes and daycares. Family is family.

A lazy life is not a good life. There is a season for evrything, a time and a place. Work has its rightful place.

I believe in a certain degree of socialism, for health and education and the less fortunate in those two categories of society specifically, just more on a community level.

Every child deserves a mum and a dad. It took those two things to create that child. Negatively interfering with children's futures and especially their sexuality is wrong.

Ya gotta give a child a fishing poll, not a mercury filled fish.

you preach family alot i see, however you do not come across as a LADY, i think you have a tremendous quilt complex.

sorry deary, you should have kept your legs closed. hmmm! a couple of husbands, troublemaking kids (i know this), a mouth you can't keep shut (for more than one reason), and poor social skills. you need an overhaul. Satan worshipper, that's you. you come from a satanic background. the clowns that stick up for you on this site are your evil friends. thanks to brats like you and your 'crew' we all will have to be put in the same basket with you when the nwo takes over.
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