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redrat11 wrote:
Well by all means BA, what would you call it? I personally have read about it alot, I think it is a religion, in fact go talk to any researcher of this subject, they've documented the facts about Satanic Religions, they are a dispersed sect of Occultist, who roam the world in there sick twisted beliefs of perversion and filth, many of the politicians are of this kind. and there is a world-wide religion,(if you will of this.) it's kept hidden by the media.

I personally don't consider satanism a religion. However, you are free to do so if you desire. I don't need to talk to a researcher. I don't consider satanism a religion. It's filth and perversion. You're not telling me anything I don't already know about their sick, twisted beliefs and politicians who are of this kind. You couldn't seriously believe that I didn't know it was kept well hidden by the media. If I know about it and other researchers know about the "satanic cult" and it it talked about on the web but not through mainstream media, then obviously they keep it very well hidden.

I'm aware of your 'involvement" in the Satanic Cult, you should know alot about this.

I'm not involved in the "satanic cult." Although, you are aware I write about Springsteen's involvement in it and his sick and twisted, perverted mind and my incarceration as a child. I'm sure you're aware as to my opinion regarding politicians and their involvement and any and all those who are a part of the NWO.

Can't forget about children whom they incarcerate from a very young age and exploit them for their talents.

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