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Default Re: Finally a movie about the truth.

TemplarGR wrote:
The Bible is the absolute truth, and there is NOT even a small fiction part in it. If you believe so, you are not Christian...

Anyway, as an Orthodox Christian and since Orthodoxy is the only 100% true faith, i can understand that you disregard the Bible... Catholicism was an heresy anyway...

That website you posted "blew away" the lies of Zeitgeist regarding Jesus Christ,. id=107

Those of us with complete faith and knowledge of Biblical Matters can easily recognize a fraud when one presents itself regarding anything related to the Bible. I personally am a luke warm Christian, or so i'm told, I don't believe in the modern day Religions, including Christianity, although I absolutely believe 100% in Jesus Christ and GOD. this is a wierd statement, but, as the Bible says, GOD DOES NOT DWELL IN MANMADE TEMPLES. he dwells in the accepting hearts and minds of beleivers in Jesus Christ.

As soon as I saw the first part of Zeitgeist, it mentioned something of the effect that Christ was born on December 25th, right then I knew it was utter rubbish, NO ONE KNOWS WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN THE BIBLE MENTIONS NOTHING OF EXACT DATES, and any Christian religion that celebrates this fact is practicing false doctrines. unfortunately about 95% of Christianity. More than likely Christ was born in the spring time around EASTER.

NOTE: MODERN CHRISTIANITY has been hi-jacked by Zionist, thus we see Christian Zionism on the rise, Christians should have Zero attachment to Israel, other than that being the place where Christ was born, Israel will be wiped clean off the face of the Earth, it is the most evil place currently now on Earth. Christians should be spiritually inclined, nothing on this planet in the physical sense should be worshipped.
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