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Default Re: Imperialism & World Domination

Emptying-Out The Treasury: :-o :-o :-o

Our Only Remaining Capital - Social Security Overhaul ???

White House Makes Social Security Appeal

A “Reader’s” Comment…

Mistake After Mistake After Mistake.... id=37138469&mid=35173

"How many mistakes must a US President make before being thrown out office? It's remarkable what this man has done to this country and the world and allowed to stay in office... truly remarkable. Reminds me of the days of Hitler!

And by the way... diverting 4% in to private accounts is only going to take badly need funds AWAY from Social Security. It's really a no brainier.... This plan will only speed up the bankruptcy of Social Security... And if you don't think so... You're only kidding yourself!

Just who is Bush working for these days? Sounds like big business! The only group that will win in a plan like this... is the stock firms... most likely headed up by those who gave millions to Bush for his re-election... does the White House think ALL Americans are so stupid?" - by "chuck36_1999"

Now, read the bottom of this article…

JFK & 911 - Striking Coincidences
“After JFK, Enormous national debt is accrued, military casualties spire upward, public opinion turns negative--and a president is disgraced from office, leaving a legacy as a warmonger. After 9-11, enormous national debt is accrued, military casualties spire upward, public opinion turns negative---To be continued.” – by Douglas Herman
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