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Default Re: Are poor women better mothers than the rich bitches?

Better edited version of previous paragraph:

I don't know for sure what to do Mary, but perhaps
we're here on Earth ( non-rotating or orbiting
of course:') ] as one of God's footsoldiers
to learn and apply the lesson of
overcoming evil with good, which
is the only thing that works as a
permanent long-term solution.
[ However in certain circumstances
such as immediate danger, it may
be correct to apply evil against evil
to establish justice ].
Maybe we are here
to apply that lesson of overcoming
evil with good [ truth, love, mercy ]
starting in our
own localised geographical area and then building from there. The area of evil we would specialise
in stamping out would be the one that
most negatively harmed us as children
( this was the only way we could become genuine
experts in that area, by being placed in that family situation).
I think Ahmad would know a lot about this.
So as just one example of overcoming evil with good perhaps you could find some way
to distribute literature like the following
or other literature that helps people
and even earn money doing it.
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