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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

The 911 Debacle - Still Unresolved - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

The 911 Debacle - Still Unresolved
And the Truth shall set you Free...

Intersecting Facts & Theories On 911 - Paper - by Joseph P. Firmage - (Downloadable "pdf" File)

"The attacks of September 11, 2001 have resulted in significant changes in both the geopolitical order of nations & in the lives of billions of citizens across the planet. From two wars & growing instability across the Middle East, to the powers that states are exercising upon each other & their citizens, to your removal of tennis shoes at the airport security gate, the forces unleashed on that dark day are still reverberating throughout the world."

"It is clear from this survey that a large number of vital facts about 9/11 do not conform to the official conspiracy theory, & do conform to complicity or causation theories. If that represents the truth of the matter, then an enormous range of consequences, considerations & possible futures emerge. They will be the subject of writings by this & many other researchers.

If this intersection of facts & theories stands up, then the core of the Neo-Conservative Movement is behind one of the greatest crimes in history. In that case, I have no doubt whatsoever that those involved had the good of the world in mind in formulating & carrying out the operation. After all, the logic would have gone, a few thousand people lost is a painful but small price to pay for strategically transforming the entire geopolitical order. I have equally little doubt that they honestly believed that, by 2006, Central Asia & the Middle East would be starting down the path to an astonishing liberation of Western-style democracy & freedom, & 9/11 would have been remembered in a different way as U.S. forces were greeted with welcome arms by repressed populations of the region. Tragically naïve, but I believe they believed it.

They certainly would not have predicted the state of world affairs their actions - & inaction - have yielded. Others did predict the conflict & chaos that could be unleashed if imperial ends & means were at the core of a New American Century.

If 9/11 was a false flag operation, whether & how we restore integrity to our nation is likely to be the greatest test our democracy has ever faced. The implications to domestic & foreign affairs will be nothing short of staggering. Some have suggested that confronting the truth of 9/11 will bring down not just an administration, but the republic. On the contrary, difficult as facing the truth of 9/11 will be, I believe that the republic will be radically strengthened: its citizens will be smarter & humbler, its laws will be respected, its transparency will be reestablished, its policies will be restructured, its relations will be restored & its honor will be reclaimed.

The process itself can be an example to the world of the unique potential of the democratic form of government to overcome the most pernicious kind of evil - the evil within."

(To Download ".wmv" files, "Right-Click" on the "link" & select "Save Target As...")

911 Mysteries - Demolitions - P1 - (Windows Media Player "wmv" Video - Downloadable) v

911 Mysteries - Demolitions - P2 - (Windows Media Player "wmv" Video - Downloadable)
22:00 FEMA arrived on New York the night before.
22:50 Rudy Giuliani (Rudolph W. Giuliani) & Peter Jennings
23:30 Rudy Giuliani - "We were told, the "World Trade Center" was going to Collapse." v

911 Mysteries - Demolitions - P3 - (Windows Media Player "wmv" Video - Downloadable) v

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