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Default Re: New all talk format on CLN

garydean wrote:
Was that supposed to be a joke?

If so, it's a bad one. I was hoping to find positive people on this forum....
Then what if the Ordo Illuminati turned en masse from their evil?

Would they not live?

Could their sins not be forgiven?

Have you found positive people on this forum?

Are you in the way of everlasting life?

They only must die because their path is death.

Is your path that of life?

Will you show them life?

They will die because they chose death.

We Christians will not lay a finger on them, nor will they lay a finger on us.

You may think that they will as they did in previous centuries. But this is wrong.

They will eventually be forced to attack us physically once it becomes crystal clear to them that every false angle of consciousness that they have sown in this world is destroyed and that there death is swallowed up by life (for thus is it written, "Then shall come the saying, 'Death is swallowed up by Life.'"). At that hour they will be devoured in fire from heaven.

Will you love them as Christ loved us when we were still enemies against him? Will you be able to charm this snake? Will you have the elixer of life to heal the sting of death?

They must be destroyed because they have chosen destruction. But it is the eleventh hour, and some even now may turn again and live.

I will tell when it is too late for a man to reform his life. It is too late for a man to reform his life when he is buried in a box 6 feet underground. Until then, the game is still on.
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