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redrat11 wrote:
You have written anbout mind-control sparingly, you mostly write about a MORON (Bruce Springsteen) and the MORONS who worship him, that is not mind-control information, if you wish to bash B, sprinsteen, you should take it on over to the site you continously post about.

I have written about mind control INTENSIVELY as well as other matters of intelligence relating to the "satanic cult" of which Bruce Springsteen is a part, as well, as my incarceration in MKULTRA/Project Monarch and used within the music industry as a sex slave when I was a child and Bruce Springsteen being my main handler/controller/abuser.

You may not find the information and INTELLIGENCE I am reporting as to Springsteen and the MORONS who worship him IMPORTANT, but, trust me, there are others who do.

My reporting is not for your benefit or with you in mind.

I confine most of my mind control writings to two or three threads of which mind control is the subject. If it bothers you, don't read them, or stop posting at club conspiracy. Mind control plays a major factor in the state of our country.

I have reported as to my psychological abuse when I fell back into the hands of Springsteen and past controllers when I joined his site in 2004 after a political comment he made. Are you so dense as to believe I wasn't performing as an operative both times and have any interest in being amongst "sadistic pigs" again?

I escaped twice. There will never be a third time. This is the end of a long and hard fought battle.

It's not bashing.

It's called reporting the facts.

THIS IS A CONSPIRACY FORUM, Post actual stuff about conspiracies. or use your gift of writing to inform people as to where this planet is headed.

I have used my gift of writing to inform people and I have posted actual STUFF about conspiracies. If you don't think mind control within the music industry is a conspiracy, you have a lot to learn.

Last, but not least, I'm not hear to appease you or adhere to any of your suggestions.

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