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redrat11 wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
RedRat said:

You have a unique gift of writing, I like when you use it to post and analyze about NWO topics.

I post and analyze NWO topics/current events all of the TIME. However, I will continue to post on the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread, the MKULTRA thread of which JIMBO is the author and the Project Monarch thread. I'm not here to satisfy you and your desires as to what I post and don't post.

Your knowledge is lacking in a few areas, otherwise you are qualified to inform us about many areas of interest dealing with the NWO. Only if you qiut expending endless energy on Bruce Springsteen, this is just my opinion is all, I mean no disrespect toward you. Please continue on....

There are no qualifications necessary to post on Club Conspiracy. If there were, you wouldn't be posting due to your lack of knowledge. I will spend as much time as necessary on whatever subject I deem worthy, Bruce Springsteen included. I will continue on without your suggestion.

Good for you BA, I was just being 'critical' of your continous barrage of that Moron Bruce Springsteen, NOBODY TWISTED YOUR ARM TO INFILTRATE THAT SITE, you voluntarily went there, if you say those things about him, then call the authorities if you have any proof that he did that to you, I know I would.

Of course you don't need my suggestions, continue on.

If you read what I wrote, I said, I was drawn to his site after a political comment that he made in 2003. I never indicated someone twisted my arm. What? Someone came to my house, twisted my arm and demanded I go to the Bruce Springsteen Sony site? How could you believe such a thing?

Yes, although, I was being "mind controlled" to a certain degree, same as when I was a child, I infiltrated the "cult" as an operative.

Why would I call the authorities? You, of all people, should understand how this works, but, apparently you don't.

Again, you must not read what I've written. PROOF and EVIDENCE exist. Past and present. I plan to continue on with or without your suggestion.

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