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redrat11 wrote:
BA, I read your post's on Mind Control, alls I was trying to say is that lately you were posting alot of stuff from BTX about nothing to do with mind-control that's all, I should have been more straight to the point, My apoligies.

You don't need to concern yourself with ANYTHING that I post whether it's from BTX or not.

And for your information, your not the only person on this forum who has been mentally abused, I'm sure of that, millions of people are constantly being mentally abused in one form or another, your's is a horrifying past, I can't possibly imagine that kind of suffering, nor do I ever want to, I know deep down inside alot of people feel that this world we live in is so screwed up that they feel helpless and powerless.

I never stated I was the ONLY person on this forum who has been mentally abused. That's not my purpose in writing about mind control. My purpose is to expose it.

This is part of the massive mind-controlling effects of the social engineers at large, they plant fear in the minds of people, this to further there plans for humanities future. I know what fear is, and I also know how to overcome it, for me personally it is in knowing and trusting GOD and Jesus Christ, I know that what lies ahead and being planned is going to be very horrifying for billions of people, 'They' will ultimately be crushed, and they will be stopped from achieving there monstrous goals, they may succeed in achieving part of the plan, but, for there ultimate goal of One-World-Government, well they've been stopped before throughout human history, it's been because brave people have sacrificed there lives to stop them,(along with the loving hand of GOD) and that is why I believe R. Paul to be a catalyst or fire-starter if you will, someone to lead people out of misery and despair, but I'm now rambling off topic here, yes I'm aware of your story about incarceration in a satanic cult, and I hope you can inform us more as to how you escaped, I don't recall reading about that, I'll look at the thread again.

The operative word would be OPERATIVE.

Please diregard my opinions about mind-control, I was only being critical of certain things.


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