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Default The Noose...

I just heard the person in charge of the Coast Guard say that WE ARE HERE TO SERVE HUMANITY, what a bunch of ****, the Coast Guard is supposed to protect Americas Coastline from Invasion or other things PERIOD!

This all came out as a result from the NOOSE INCIDENT, in which a black person supposedly found a noose in his locker, or something of that nature.

As usual here comes the usual suspects, the SPLC, ACLU, and the rest of the race baiters, this will turn up to be yet another ZIO-HOAX. someone more than likely planted that noose near the Negro.

Interesting that the Coast Guard recently required all of it's cadets to UNDERGO "DIVERSITY TRAINING" meaning that they must be neutured and spoon fed NWO behavior control.

This just feeds the masses yet again that white people are devils, they are racist, they are plain evil. and that poor old blacks are 'innocent angels' Most blacks with working brains, those that have'nt been brainwashed by the media and universities know that this is all (you know who) behind the scenes manipulating society.

Racism is more prevalent on the black side if you have'nt noticed yet, but, southern whites do have a streak of racism imbedded in there genes also.

The Noose

And by the way Mexicans from Mexico are some of the most virulent racist on planet Earth, they absolutely dispize black people as animals, sort of like the (you know who race) as they call the Goyem 'cattle,' Now is'nt this country wonderful?

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