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Default Re: GOP Plot to Defeat Ron Paul

Thanks for that reply Barbara, I'm not trying to BRING DOWN R. Paul by searching for any muck on him, I'm simply trying to not be let down anymore by politicians. Your 100% correct when you say there is NO-OTHER CHOICE period. The problem is the American People and there brainwashed mentality toward people like R. Paul, the ZIO media portray him and his followers as NutJobs, the un-thinking masses latch on to that, and then what you get is a bunch of numbskulls voting for a bunch of numbskulls.

Yes, it may seem I'm trying very hard to dis-credit R. Paul, but I can assure you, I truly would like for him to win, because he deserves it, Hillary/Obama or Rudy/Romney, logic dictates that R. Paul is way ahead of these people in intelligence and political (constitutional) thought. There is no choice other than R. Paul.

Here is a Lamestream Media Outlet showing R.Paul in a good light for a change. If the others could do the same, things will change for the better, but of course we can never count on them.

What a awsome person this R. Paul is.
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