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Default Re: Did you know???!

Frightening really.

Baby monitors are interesting things. They work by using the elctrical wiring in your house.

At one stage they considered using the power grid to power the internet. The wires are already there.

Inexplicably it came out went. The excuse they used was that 'radio interference' hampered it's use. Well, they can filter a phone line with ADSL. They can filter a power line.

If they really want to listen to you they use bugs in electrical equipment. The signal is sent down power lines. The days of easily found 'radio transmitter' bugs are long gone.

The use of power lines is reserved for the intelligence community.

All 'official' electronics communication surveillence is done at the exchange.

There is a room in every exchange where employees cannot go. It is manned 24/7 by personel employed by the local intelligence service liasing with all levels of law enforcement.

They do not need a warrent to surveil you. They can gather all the intelligence they want at any time. They just cant use it in court directly.

As for 'clicks' people here. Almost the entire network in a modern society is software based running off 486 powered boards that connect 5000 calls each. There is no need for a click though it seems to happen. This could be 'outside' of the system surveillence. I dont know for sure.

My friend can access ANY call he wants in the Telstra exchange from ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection. The interception is logged however to stop voyeristic employees listening in on lunch breaks.

All of what you write is true and worse.

The only good thing is they cant get enough scum to go along with them and do the hard work of sorting.

You'd have to come under their notice through other reasons before coming under their gaze.

Like writing letters about why they put flouride in the water

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