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Default Re: Are poor women better mothers than the rich bitches?

Hey Rush! There is something we agree on!

Best to you.

I agree it's more about money and being able to afford to stay home.

I've worked in male dominated environments like mining and also in the female scene like Nursing. One question i always liked to ask was would you rather work or be a "home maker"?

Every one...and i mean every woman i spoke to over 7 years told me she would rather be home looking after the household and being there for the kids and her husband.

Being a sticky nose I also extended my questions outside the 'caring' circle. It aint no "double blind study" but again i have never met a woman who did'nt want to stay home as long as the finances allowed.

I dont care what the Uni lezzo lecturers say.

Great title for the thread Mary...i knew it was you before i looked closely!

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