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Default Re: Does Israel's peace covenant mark the beginning of the 7 years to Armegeddon?

Interesting how the years 2011-2012 keep popping up.

I know this is the time most believe WW3 will start.

NWO boy accused, "Carl Jung", had a vision before he died of the last 50 years of mankind which would leave the Earth 2/3 destroyed, laid waste.

He died in 1961 so that makes it 2011.

He describes a line going up and down. Seeing the exorbinate attention, in these days of Luciferian economic rationalistic thinking, given to the stock market maybe thats the line going up and down.

Whatever, i still believe no fate but what we make. We dont have to have WW3...we should tell them so and stop spreading endless rumours of war and almost encouraging it.

Not to specifically say you guys are. Just maybe we should make sure they know, that we know, it was deliberately done and not the fufillment of some prophecy. After all, prophecies come to us too warn us from a course we should not be on.

In the end it will be human beings who deliberately start this war. God's given us a choice.
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