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Default Re: Did you know???!

truebeliever wrote:
Yo GR...they're driving expensive cars coz they're dealing drugs :-D

You mean it's just like those cool watches you get when you sell out in "They Live"?

We're yet to feel that down under. If what you say is true then i'm really, really, disapointed.
Yes, TB--I know about the "rewards" for selling drugs, I should have covered that in my posting.
However, there are the small fries doing some work for THEM. What I meant, and I didn't get it across well, (I apologize) is that I KNOW, listen up I KNOW that there are those getting 'gifts' for doing 'works' NOT related to drugs, 2 shifts, rich uncles, inheritance.

Look, I'm a nobody, well actually there are times I think my shit don't smell. But thats another story.

I am telling you openly, that it has been said to me through someone (a male) that had to rid his identity, that yes, there are those that are doing some "search" work, "set-up", "let's screw them up" jobs---and get their rewards. I'm talking about ruining a persons reputation, social standing, bank account, blacklisting, overall well-being in society ruined. I personally know of someone who was "set-up" and arrested (a female). It was NOT brought about by some nosy neighbor who picked a fight one day because of a barking dog.
This was heavy stuff that this gal has no intelligence to think of/committ. But they got her. She is not the same today, and very seclusive. Do you think that the little catchy phrase on some vehicles "I've downed one today", mean a beer, or a fist fight at a bar?
Oh I'm sure like other things, they have their little logos, sayings, double meanings. And that's the punch----double meaning. SHOW OFFS!!

You are talking to me (and please do not take offense) that I am speaking to you very naively.

NO NO NO. I'm aware I do not come across as someone with an iota of credible info. So I just pop into CC and wait until someone who is more revered says the same thing.

Once again, like the song says, "I'm not that innocent".
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