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I awoke last night frightened.

I sensed someone was in our house.

When I awoke this morning, my shoes were not where I normally place them.

The fear arose after looking in at the BTX site and realizing how frighteningly creepy the posters are. In particular, the "controllers" who were covertly "triggering" me into altered states of consciousness while at Bruce Springsteen's official site.

I am also recalling a memory of Bohemia Grove. We, many children, of all ages are standing in front of the owl.

There is a man dressed in white on the stage.

He is lecturing.

Lecturing on the repercussions if any one of us does not remain silent about Bohemia Grove and any and all other atrocities inflicted upon us.

He is holding something.

A stick.

The owl is there.

The all seeing eye! Eyes in the back of their heads. They will watch our every move. The eye in the sky.

But, there is someone tied to the stake.

It is a child.

She is tied to the stake.

She is lit on fire with the stick that the man is holding.

She is screaming.

She is burned to death.

This would be what would happen to us if we were not silent. We would burn at the stake.

We are told to run.

There are groves all around.

Miles and miles of groves.

I feel as though we are naked.

We all scatter.

No where to run and no where to hide.

But, we run and we hide in the groves.

Maybe there really aren't many of us.

Perhaps this is where my connection to some politicians come in.

Somewhat older than me. But, there as well.

Being told Clinton would be going to Oxford.

Hilary would be the first woman President.

Pierre Trudeau is there.

We are in the house.

He always wants to see me.

There are helicopters that fly over the groves with spotlights.

Tell us to return to the house.

We had to find the yellow brick road.

There is a yellow brick road amongst the groves.

This is bizarre, I know.

It may be disinformation.

It may not be.

Some may be true.

Some may be false.

But, why, oh, why would I remember this?

Burning people alive.

Burning them to ashes.

Follow the program, or else, whoever didn't would burn at the stake.

There is a "yellow brick road" amongst the groves at Bohemia Grove.
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